Special reports on implications of high impact events

COVID-19, crude oil price shocks and other high impact events have near-term and long-term implications on the global chemical markets. Nearly every industry relies on chemicals for their production processes. You need a pulse on the rapidly changing chemical markets, whether you invest in, manufacture, or consume chemicals.

The Chemical Pulse by IHS Markit is a new service that features special reports during significant disrupter events impacting our industry, analyzing the rapidly changing situation in the global chemical markets. This new service addresses the implications of the high impact events across the chemical value chains including; olefins, aromatics, plastics & polymers, syngas and inorganics.

The Chemical Pulse reports are available to purchase individually or as an enterprise wide bundle.

Key Benefits:

Take the pulse of the situation from a trusted source, allowing your organization to:

  • Adjust strategy and enable better informed decision-making
  • Determine where investment opportunities lie in the chemical sector
  • Understand how the chemical markets are affected by energy environment, the impact to supply and on end-use chemical markets
  • Get unique perspectives and analysis provided by a special taskforce of IHS Markit experts
  • Global and regional analysis provided as short reports delivered in PDF format.
  • Ask live Q&A session with IHS Markit experts with each report

Available reports

  1. Report #1 - A broad stroke on chemicals in the COVID-19 & low oil price environment.
    Key Questions Answered 
    • How are the key chemical industry trends being impacted by Covid-19 and the OPEC+ group breakdown? 
    • What are the latest short-term outlooks for crude, natural gas, and NGL's? 
    • What is the latest state of the petrochemical industry?
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  2. Report #2 - Cash Costs Relative regional competitiveness, the implications moving forward and variations among product chains.
    Key Questions Answered:
    • How are cash costs of production impacted along key petrochemical value chains?
    • What are the potential implications, particularly with dropping demand due to recession conditions? 
    • What could it mean for trade flows?
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  3. Report #3 - Demand Industry sector analysis and the anticipated impact by derivative and chemical value chain. Winners, Losers and the path forward.
    Key Questions Answered 
    • What is the COVID-19 demand impact for various plastics and derivatives? 
    • What are the differences among the base chemical value chains? 
    • How could COVID-19 change the perception of plastics moving forward?
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  4. Report #4 - Supply The balance with demand, refinery operations impact on chemical supply and the short/long term effect of project delays and cancellations.
    Key Questions Answered
    •  What is the supply impact with reduced refinery operations?
    • Are changing cost positions having an impact on supply? 
    • How could this event change the supply picture longer term?
      Download Table of Contents
  5. Report #5 -Report #5 – Sustainability
    Key Questions Answered 
    • Discuss previous sustainability goals and potential delays caused by COVID-19 and low crude prices 
    • What is the expected impact to the recycling industry from low virgin resin prices in both the short term and long term? 
    • What will be the new normal and how will single use plastics applications evolve in it? 
    • What are the hygiene and safety implications for the collection, sorting and recycling industry? 
    • How and at what pace, will recycling reshape the petrochemical chain? 
    • What are the implications of carbon valuation and how it might impact future capacity investment decisions?
  6. Report #6 – The Recovery Road : A look at how the world might recover post COVID-19 and what the impact on the petrochemical industry might be like.
    Key Questions Answered 
    • What indicators will signal economic recovery and what type of recovery will it be? 
    • What will be the anticipated new normals regarding consumer behaviour; travel habits, driving habits and the impact on fuel demand, chemicals, plastics, etc.?
    • Will China see a decline as the world’s manufacturing center with a push for reshoring, migration to other low-cost centers etc.? 
    • What is the new outlook on ESG? Has society modified its view, or continue on the same path? What does it all mean for the chemical industry?
  7. Report #7 – Post COVID-19 Supply/Demand Balances: Update on the supply and demand situation by key chemical.
    Key Questions Answered 
    • This final report will provide an overview of IHS Markit’s post COVID-19 supply & demand balances for each of the key base chemicals being discussed in this special report series.
      • supply & demand balances 
      • Impact on trade flows 
      • Capacity new builds 
      • Regional competitiveness 
      • Latest view on trends & drivers

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