Battery Raw Materials

The new IHS Markit Battery Raw Material Service brings transparency to the markets of key raw materials of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). Cobalt out now - full service launching in 2021.

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The new IHS Markit Battery Raw Material Service brings transparency, analysis and insight to the markets of key raw materials of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). The service facilitates decision making for successful strategic decisions in a highly dynamic market. The service covers the entire spectrum of the battery value chain - from mining to electric vehicles, grid storage, and other end uses of LIBs. In-depth IHS Markit expert knowledge of the automotive and energy markets connects with expertise in the battery raw materials markets to provide accurate forecast scenarios. The service includes data on materials - lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, graphite and silicon - as well as analysis of current and upcoming technologies of cathodes, anodes, and electrolytes.

IHS Markit holds a unique position having expertise in every part of the battery value chain:

Analysis of cathode and anode technology developments and their impact on battery raw material markets is also part of the new IHS Markit Battery Raw Material Service. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects are becoming increasingly important, as is the question of whether materials fit with the goal of a 'Net-Zero Carbon' future. IHS Markit delves into these critical issues with our expertise across industries.

Follow the Full Battery Raw Materials value chain

Full Battery Raw Materials service coming soon.

The service will cover the following chemicals

Cathode Materials:
- Cobalt strategic report - click here to buy report
- Lithium strategic report - coming soon
- Manganese strategic report - coming soon
- Nickel strategic report - coming soon

Anode Materials:
- Graphite strategic report - coming soon
- Silicon strategic report - coming soon

Key benefits - Cobalt Strategic Report

  • Cobalt mining, recycling, and refining: detailed information on production, production capacity, production sites, product portfolios
  • Consumption breakdowns of cobalt and cobalt compounds by end use in battery uses including automotive, grid storage and handheld electronic and electrical devices, as well as non-battery uses such as superalloys, tool and hard materials, pigments, inorganic colors.
  • Cobalt consumption breakdown by region
  • Supply and demand scenarios as well as supply and demand by region with the various stages of the value chain
  • Trade data for the world and broken down by region and country
  • Historical, current and forecast market estimates
  • Visualization of market data with the Power BI interactive tool
  • Cathode material share development for Li-ion battery markets (electric vehicle, e-bus, e-truck, e-bike/others as well as for portable devices, and stationary energy storage)

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