Renewed attention on digital transformation initiatives for 2020 and beyond present both opportunities and challenges for the oil and gas industry where a low-price environment makes managing costs, timelines and operational efficiency crucial to success. IHS Markit provides strategies to meet digital transformation needs across asset teams and resource lifecycles.

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1. Video Presentation: Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas – David Hicks, Senior Vice President for Upstream Energy. (18:03)

Exploration and production is different than it’s ever been before. As digital transformation consumes the industry- what does it really mean today and where do you start? David discusses the major factors that impact the industry’s transition, including examples of corporate strategies and technology applications.

 Above Ground Oil and Gas Risk

2. EDM for Energy Case Study: Centennial Resource Development

Read how timely, consistent, trusted data was delivered in an energy data hub, in just nine weeks, to power reports and analytics at an independent oil producer.

 Above Ground Oil and Gas Risk

3. Shell’s Approach to Digitalization - Two Video Presentations

Alexander Boekhorst, VP of digitalization and computational science, and Marianne Olsnes, digital focal point of development at Shell discuss the impact of digitalization.

Watch two presentations from Shell to see how digital technologies are transforming the energy industry and Shell.

 Above Ground Oil and Gas Risk

 Above Ground Oil and Gas Risk

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