Leading Technology Sectors: Global Predictions for 2016

Technology products and areas to watch in 2016

Recent advances in flexible display technology are inspiring innovation in wearable devices and other products. With the availability of thinner, lighter and bendable displays that are less prone to breakage, new opportunities are abundant for mobile and wearable devices. These are evident in TVs, smartphones, tablets, smart watches and fitness trackers that employ curved displays and are here to stay in 2016 and beyond.

Fingerprint sensors that dominated the smartphone market in 2015 will also remain and become the new standard feature in premium smartphones in 2016. However, the market will experiment with retinal scans and other forms of biometric scans that add another layer of transaction security from smart devices for the cyber-economy.

Read this complimentary whitepaper to learn more about these and other predictions from leading IHS analysts who offer their insights on the technology products and areas to watch in the coming year. These IHS Technology experts will provide their informed prognostications on a host of technology industry segments - displays, consumer devices, telecommunications, semiconductors, connected networks, medical technology, entertainment, media, advertising, automotive and more.

This whitepaper covers these topics:

  • Thinner, lighter, flexible displays lead the charge
  • A super-sonic boom in wireless earbuds
  • 3GPP connectivity standards gain traction
  • LTE network sales slow
  • Ultrasonic sensors boost security
  • China leads the way in gas sensor adoption
  • Sensors provide an extra level of protection for athletes
  • Data mining strikes gold with predictive analytics
  • Virtualized and cloud security take center stage
  • And much more…

Discover the top 2016 predictions for the leading technology sectors.

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