Sustainability for the Chemical Industry

Connecting the Dots

IHS understands that sustainability is a complex topic, with focus varying by industry, geography and company-specific priorities. For the chemical industry, sustainable, long-term growth relates not only to financial success, but also to balancing social and environmental challenges and opportunities.

We have the information, analytics and expertise that you need to address a host of interconnected sustainability issues – from managing newly extended supply chains and complying with new environmental regulations to maintaining your knowledge-base as the workforce cycles. Watch Video.

Find out how we can help you race ahead of the competition with IHS Sustainability Solutions™.

Sustainability in Chemicals

What’s Included

Increase market share

Aligning products with consumers’ social and environmental purchasing preferences or retailers’ responsible sourcing requirements; Improving brand image.

Improve government relations

Complying with government policies and regulations, e.g. REACH in Europe or national emissions reduction goals; Demonstrating how a company’s investments can contribute to regional social and economic development.

Enhance product performance

Creating the chemical building blocks required for light-weighting materials to decrease emissions; prevent disease; improve health and advance other global sustainability objectives; Seeking alternative bio-based feedstocks.

Decrease operational risks

Improving Environment, Health and Safety performance by reducing equipment failures, spills, accidents, the release of hazardous materials and GHG emissions; Identifying and engaging key local stakeholders to prevent disruptions and gain license to operate.

Increase cost savings

Reducing steps required in chemical production, notably specialties; Use technologies and processes that can do more with less water, energy, and raw materials.

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