Whitepaper: Financial Regulation: A playbook for COOs and CCOs

There is no disputing that today's financial markets are a marvel of technological innovation. However, alongside this growth in technology has been equal growth in complexity to manage it all - and to satisfy regulators.

The speed at which transactional data must safely travel worldwide - across a web of financial institutions, exchanges, clearinghouses, intermediaries and data repositories - has required firms to shift more resources to operations and compliance. Chief operating and compliance officers are facing exponentially growing challenges including:

  • Keeping up with technological advancements and shifting regulatory requirements
  • Whether to buy, build or somewhere in between
  • Improving reporting accuracy and efficiency to reduce costs
  • Acquiring accurate and timely data that is easily managed and secure
  • Balancing operational and risk management resources with a single approach to monitor and manage onboarding, data security and third-party software
  • Implementing a harmonized approach to manage and keep abreast of reporting regulations and compliance challenges
  • The ability to expand and contract resources and services as needed while ensuring expertise across jurisdictions
  • Access to a single source of trusted, accurate and validated corporate actions data

In this whitepaper, our Risk & Compliance Managed Services experts outline the steps you can take and what to keep an eye out for when looking for an end-to-end outsourced managed service.

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Download our complimentary Whitepaper to gain insight on the steps to take when looking for an end-to-end outsourced managed service.

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