Outreach360 - Simplifying LIBOR contracts amendment


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Outreach360 is a centralised client outreach platform that creates, manages, sends, tracks and stores client outreach, information and communication within a secure, automated environment.

Outreach360 has been used successfully to execute many large outreach mandates to manage the impact of material regulatory changes which include 16 SFTR projects involving more than 400,000 emails and 14 banking mandates covering 85,000 contacts as part of Brexit and MiFID II. It will now also support the requirements of LIBOR contract amendments.

LIBOR is set to be formally retired in 2021. Used in millions of contracts worth US$ trillion across everything from complex derivatives to residential mortgages, LIBOR is also used to price risk, value assets and set the financial terms of countless commercial contracts. Notwithstanding what reference rates are used to replace LIBOR, all financial contracts referencing LIBOR will need to be amended to reflect these new 'fall back' rates to avoid contractual disputes once LIBOR ceases to be calculated. Since LIBOR is used globally, the sheer logistics of amending contracts referencing LIBOR is a daunting task.

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For more information about the solution, view the factsheet here.

While effective across a wide range of functions, Outreach360 is especially suitable to support the LIBOR Transition due to its:

  • Extensive capabilities: Our solution performs and tracks mass client outreach within a centralized, secured environment. In addition to featuring convenient dashboards and powerful contacts management tools our solution gives clients the ability to create branded email templates. Users can also use its on-platform contract versioning function to amend documents with complete audited responses tracking. The solution also comes with powerful report generating capabilities.
  • Outreach experience: Outreach360 benefits from IHS Markit's extensive experience supporting major client regulatory outreach conducted over the last few years, including 16 SFTR projects that involved more than 400,000 emails and 14 banking mandates covering 85,000 contacts as part of Brexit and MiFID II.
  • ISDA Connection: Our solution leverages IHS Markit's partnership with ISDA to drive and execute complete protocol adherence via the ISDA Amend platform, thus ensuring that the repapering exercise generate new documents that, in addition to meet internal requirements, also comply with ISDA.
  • Unique versatility: Outreach360's versatility means it can handle all types of repapering across client and document types while supporting online document negotiation and case management within a secured, fully integrated platform that can leverage additional functions and data via its connectivity with IHS Markit Counterparty Manager.

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