Investing in fixed income with a targeted positive impact

iBoxx® Global, Green, Social and Sustainability Index Primer

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Impact finance is a keystone in the sustainable finance ecosystem. Emerging as a solution to absorb the negative externalities created by our traditional economic model.

Looking beyond mitigating harmful and unethical outcomes; impact finance provides exposure to activities that offer a direct and measurable, positive, benefit to society and the environment.

Impact finance bonds contain an integrated 'use of proceeds' pledge towards contributing to environmental and/or social outcomes. This constructs a different economic incentive structure compared to other methods of sustainable investing, such as the integration of ESG scoring, which typically rewards issuers based on their historical sustainability profile.

This whitepaper explores:

  • The evolution of the sustainable finance ecosystem and the development of impact finance
  • Bond issuance: Impact finance landscape by geography
  • Rationale underpinning the index's methodology and its importance in constructing a well-aligned economic incentive structure,
  • How the induced economic incentive structure differs from alternative methods of sustainable investing and;
  • The performance of the underlying market through the lens of our iBoxx Global Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds Index.

*The iBoxx® Global Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds Index supports impact investing by providing a transparent benchmark for the performance of rated investment grade and high yield Green, Social & Sustainability bonds, issued by sovereigns, sub-sovereigns and corporates, and denominated in EUR, USD, GBP and CAD.

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