Secured direct access to external standards, codes and specifications from within company documents

Some of the world's largest and most progressive companies utilize the Reference Linking Solution from IHS Markit, embedding thousands of links within their internal documents and systems, and allowing end users to link directly from a company document to an industry standard or related document on the Engineering Workbench platform.

The Reference Linking Solution provides capabilities exclusive to IHS Markit and your organization, ensuring the appropriate specification or standard is always available at the point of need by linking to the most current document (without modifying the link every time a document is revised); or by linking to a date-specific version of a document. In addition, you can link directly to a specific page/section within that document.

This allows you to bridge your internal and external information, directly and securely. In addition, IHS Markit can securely host and manage your internal and proprietary documents (internal standards management) and optimize internal engineering specifications and standards for cost (standards optimization and conformity assessment). These optional solutions can improve cost savings and ROI.

Benefits of Reference Linking by IHS Markit

  • Reduces Risk by ensuring all personnel are using the same and correct version of a standard
  • Assures Compliance with documentation that is complete and accessible for regulatory and copyright compliance
  • Supports Digital Transformation Initiatives by leveraging content across the organization
  • Reduces IT Costs through better utilization and faster return on investment for information systems
  • Improves Efficiency by reducing research time and accelerating information retrieval
  • Improves Quality through consistent access to up-to-date quality standards and related documents

Link to industry standards from within your corporate documents

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