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Agribusiness Value Chain - PRODUCTION

The industry is changing. Technology and scientific innovation are helping to increase the productivity of agriculture production while at the same time reduce unsustainable water and land use. New innovation is coming to the forefront such as gene editing and precision agriculture, which could have a positive impact on agriculture production. Other innovations such as vertical farming and alternative proteins have the potential to disrupt current food supply chains. Consumers are also demanding healthier products, natural ingredients, and more traceability which is encouraging the food manufacturing industry to produce more nutritious and healthier foods and improve transparency of their supply chain.

Economic growth in developing countries-leading to a more protein-based diet-coupled with the overall growth of the global population to 10 billion by the end of the century will require a near doubling of food production. This will be a big challenge for the world's food producers who must deliver against the ill winds of climate change, soil degradation, and competition for land and water resources also needed for urbanization.


Crop Science
  • Biologicals Database
  • Gene Editing
Animal Health
  • Animal Health Economics
  • Animal Health Market Analysis
  • Animal Health Market Reporting
  • Sulphur Fertilizers
  • Ammonia / Urea Fertilizers
  • Nitrates Fertilizers
  • Phosphates Fertilizers
  • Potash Fertilizers
Food and Agricultural Commodities
  • Food & Ag Policy

Bespoke Solutions

  • County acreage forecasts


Agribusiness Intelligence from S&P Global Commodity Insights blends the right data with connected technologies and deep expertise. We add information about industries, global developments, and policies that impact your complete value chain - from farm to fork. Our essential intelligence helps you make timely, critical decisions with conviction.

  • Pesticides: conventional & biological - fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, PGRs and nematicides
  • Seed / GM Crops: input & output traits, and seed treatments
  • Digital farming and precision agriculture
  • Commercial deals and more
  • Crops: Soybean, corn and feed grains, wheat, rice, oilseeds and more
  • Softs: Sugar, sweeteners, molasses, cocoa and coffee
  • Proteins: livestock, beef, pork, poultry, eggs and dairy
  • Foods: Fruit & vegetables, dried fruit & nuts, frozen foods, beverages and more
  • Ethanol and biodiesel price reports
  • Feedstocks, acreages, weather and crop reports
  • Monthly balances and global trade, including import and export data
  • Production, processing and consumption
  • Commercial factories, capacity, acquisitions
    and joint ventures

Price benchmarks and 10-year forecasts across:

  • Ammonia
  • Nitrates
  • Urea
  • Potash
  • Phosphate
  • Phosphate raw materials
  • Sulphur
  • Sulphuric Acid

European and US analysis:

  • Agriculture: Trade and farm policy, energy, environment and policy
  • Food: Food and health policy, advertising and labelling, food safety and standards, traceability and supply chains
  • Parasiticides, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, generiCrop Science, diagnostiCrop Science and tech
  • Nutrition, feed and additives
  • Investment and M&A developments
  • Policy and regulation
  • Major disease outbreaks
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