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Around the world, regulations are changing as governments and automakers look to improve fuel economy and eliminate carbon emissions. But how has Covid-19 affected funding for these changes in an era where the pandemic has curtailed revenues and greatly impacted OEMs' bottom-lines? IHS Markit is developing four whitepapers on this topic. Fill out the form at right and get all four whitepapers sent directly to your email box. Note: Completed whitepapers will also be available behind the form.

  • CO₂ Compliance Status of EU Passenger Car Manufacturers (Now Available!)
    What do EU28 car manufacturers' positions look like in terms of CO2 emissions targets what is the likeliness of fine avoidance?
  • US Regulatory Targets (Late October)
    Will the SAFE rule which reduced regulatory targets, along with the impact of Covid-19, allow for a powertrain investment reduction in the United States?
  • 2025 European CO2 Compliance Investments (Late October)
    What is the current cost burden of European car manufacturers that will enable them to meet 2025 Europe CO2 compliance? Are the investments adequate to protect 2030 CO2 compliance as well?
  • COVID-19 & Automotive Powertrain & Compliance - Impacts in Hindsight (Early November)
    COVID-19 is producing outcomes across the Powertrain & Compliance arena which are mostly unremarkable in isolation. Yet some of these COVID outcomes are interacting with un-related variables to such a degree, that some compliance trajectories have shifted, the speed of electrification has been altered in some markets and longer term strategic planning decisions are being re-visited. By assuming the future net outcome of this dynamic period and applying prospective hindsight, will this allow us to enrich our ability to predict the reasons for future outcomes?