Global securities financing data, providing market leading analytics on short seller demand, supply and borrow costs.

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IHS Markit Securities Finance offers the deepest & broadest dataset pertaining to all aspects of short interest. We provide daily transparency into the securities lending market, sourced directly from leading industry participants, representing the activity of over $30 trillion in assets.

Investment insight
Analyze long and short fund flow activity at stock, sector and market level; to support investment decision making, and identify potential turning points and contrarian ideas.

Quantitative Signals 
Improve multi-factor model performance. Uncorrelated with traditional quantitative factors.

Trading Transparency 
Refine trade entry and exit points, understand the availability of borrow, the concentration of supply, and benchmark your cost of carry.

Risk Management
Identify and track portfolio exposure to both downward price reversals and short squeezes. Identify concentration and recall risks.

Holistic View on Short Interest 
Combine securities lending flow with exchange reported and publicly disclosed short positions. Average short Interest across corporate issues, to provide an aggregate view across the capital structure is also available via proprietary products.

As part of our latest product release in October 2020, we will be adding to our already robust suite of metrics. This includes integrating exchange reported short interest in the US with daily securities lending flow, to provide a more holistic view of short interest in US equities. Globally, we will also be providing added granularity around the borrow cost of securities, and enhanced analytics into the stability of inventory in the securities lending market.

We are delighted to be able to offer you FREE 21-day trial access to the full, detailed, and historical Securities Finance data.

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