Parts Management for Design and Procurement Excellence

The Changing Technology Landscape Is Increasing Complexity and Risks

Rapid technology innovation and increased global competition. Regulatory compliance and mitigating the risks of counterfeit parts and supply disruptions. Meeting social responsibility goals, combined with a heightened focus on both sustainability and cost. All of these pressures are impacting component availability and increasing the complexity of managing component obsolescence. Learn how your peers are actively addressing these challenges by working with IHS.
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Shrinking Product Lifecycles

Will you be first or second to market in the next hot sector? Make informed decisions to stay relevant and keep pace with innovation. Learn about the innovation mandate.

Obsolescence and Availability

Roughly half of all EOL notices are issued with less than 150 days before a last-time buy, with 1 in 10 of these issued with less than 30 days notice. Learn how you can keep pace with component lifecycles and avoid design or supply disruptions. Read the white paper

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

New RoHS regulations and other requirements are already impacting sourcing and design decisions. Conflict minerals reporting continues to create confusion in the supply chain. Do you have the information you need to meet the letter and spirit of requirements? Read a conflict minerals update.

What if you could...

...accelerate engineering productivity, ensure continuity of supply, and reduce the risks threatening your supply chain

Leverage enterprise-wide access to current component data and advanced configuration management tools to streamline procurement and design processes at every step and meet time-to-market and quality goals.

Learn about solutions for component selection  (Parts Intelligence), bill of materials management  (BOM Intelligence), and XML integration

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Review lifecycle forecasts for critical components to prevent late-state changes to designs and ensure availability for extended service lives.

Learn about solutions for effectively managing the lifecycle of the critical components in your products, staying ahead of obsolescence  (PCNalert), and managing multi-level bills of materials (BOM Intelligence).

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Create a supply chain of parts free from hazardous substances and compliant with environmental regulations, and stay on top of ever-evolving reporting requirements.

Read about solutions for environmental compliance, conflict minerals reporting, and more.

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