Sustainability for the Auto Industry

Connecting The Dots

Is your company currently on track to meet its sustainability goals? As the source of critical information and insight for the automotive industry, IHS can help you develop and execute a winning, holistic strategy to grow your business and strengthen shareholder value.

We have the information, analytics and expertise that you need to address a host of interconnected sustainability issues – from managing newly extended supply chains and complying with new environmental regulations to maintaining your knowledge-base as the workforce cycles. Watch Video.

Find out how we can help you race ahead of the competition with IHS Sustainability Solutions.

Sustainability Auto Industry

What’s Included

Sales growth
Changing demographics, automation, mobility, urbanization, climate change and resource scarcity are all shifting how people and machines interact, access critical services and reach end destinations. Automotive manufacturers who design solutions that respond to consumers’ socially responsible, eco-friendly, and economically-motivated purchasing preferences are able to reach new customers and build brand loyalty.
Increased market share
By aligning products to meet the social, environmental and economic development objectives of customers and governments in end-markets, an auto company can enhance its brand/reputation and deliver greater value to customers than the competition.
Positive government relations
With governments enacting ever more stringent fuel efficiency, emissions reduction and labor regulations, automotive manufacturers who meet or exceed local regulatory standards can protect their license to operate and avoid costly compliance penalties.
Lower operational risks
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, raw materials consumption, end-of-life waste, product failures, workplace accidents, and security risks can improve Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) performance as well as prevent costly business delays and disruptions.
Cost savings
Using technologies and processes that enable more efficient use of water, energy, and other raw materials during production, decrease manufacturing downtime or prevent damage to brand/reputation can reduce overall spending in both the short and long term.
Attraction of top talent
As highly skilled and educated workers seek employment with companies that are innovating to address the complex issues facing our planet and society, auto companies can use sustainability as a powerful tool for recruitment and employee retention.

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