Carbon Farming and Sustainable Agriculture Schemes:Incentivizing a Second Green Revolution

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Carbon farming sits within the broader agenda of improving sustainability within agriculture. The introduction of the report describes the background to carbon farming, as well as defining some of the terms needed to understand the debate. Recent policy developments in industrialized regions are also summarized.

Chapter 2: The arrival of carbon farming

Carbon farming is offering a means for carbon-intensive companies to offset emissions they are unable to mitigate themselves by storing carbon in soil. This chapter provides a state-of-the-art summary of the carbon farming drive by region (USA, UK, Europe, Brazil, China and worldwide). The chapter provides information on projects in each region, and where possible details on the amount of carbon saved or projected to be saved.

Chapter 3: Land management schemes

Most sustainable agriculture practices can be referred to as land management in one form or another. However, some countries in Europe are developing land management frameworks to help farmers decide on the best practices to adopt in each farm context. Schemes in the UK and Switzerland are discussed.

Chapter 4: Direct payments for ecosystem services

Payments for ecosystems (PES) schemes have been operating in many parts of the world, particularly in Latin America. These have set the groundwork for carbon farming to develop. This chapter describes PES schemes from around the world.

Chapter 5: Technology transfer

Technology transfer is used worldwide and is an essential part of developing more sustainable agriculture. It has been used for millennia, and its role today is more important than ever. In modern times, its use has been greater in Asia and Africa than in other part of the world. This chapter describes the results of technology transfer from around the world.

Chapter 6: Sustainable intensification

Sustainable intensification (SI) is seen as an important concept to agriculture, particularly in industrialized economies. This chapter provides details on SI schemes in Europe.

About the Author

Charles Dean is a research consultant who specializes in agriculture and other natural resource sectors. He studied chemical engineering and has written on numerous topics within agriculture and forestry with a particular focus on sustainability. He writes on markets and agricultural methods, as well as carrying out studies on agronomic data and gardening.

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