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As the first wave of commercial 5G deployments take hold, enthusiasm is building for what 5G could mean for increasingly connected communities. Without question, 5G is setting the stage for incredible changes, but it remains a confusing landscape, with varied and sometimes conflicting interpretations of what 5G is and what to expect from it. This confusion impacts not only consumers but also complicates the industry's ability to measure itself against a standard set of 5G expectations and requirements.

Our new report, 5G Is Coming, provides a thorough assessment of the state of the 5G market, examining:

  • Where the industry is on the road to 5G
  • 5G's impact on the value chain
  • How key 5G use cases will evolve
  • How operators, governments, and other businesses are using 5G to create competitive differentiators

And in our companion 5G surveys—part of Digital Orbit—we look at user readiness across key 5G use cases: smartphones, smart home, autonomous vehicles, smart utilities, and flexible factories.

5G is coming. Is the industry ready? Are you ready? To secure your copy of these essential reports, get in touch with your account representative or contact us.

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