The Current and Future Impact of Cell Cultured Meat on the Livestock Industry

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Cell cultured meat has been labelled as a disruptive technology, but how disruptive will it really be in the next 20 years? There has been growing demand for clean meat and protein alternatives but how much of a dent have these products made on the traditional livestock market, and will this share grow in the future?

In this report, IHS Markit and Ingentium have carried out one of the most comprehensive reviews of this new technology space and the market surrounding cultured meat. This includes a review of underlying technologies, as well as economic (or otherwise) impact on ancillary industries - such as farming and animal health industries, current investments in this space and key market players to keep an eye on.

While it is completely agreed that cultured meat is disruptive in nature, the overall impact it will have on conventional industries involved in meat production is currently limited and likely to occur over a very long span of time, due to the challenges of pricing, scale-up of production, and consumer perception.

It provides an extensive overview of the growth drivers for cultured meat, as well as the issues that may prevent market penetration. It lists all the relevant start-ups and investors in this sector too. As well as looking at the science of these products, the report gives insight into the regulations and economics governing this area, looking beyond the marketing hype. This, and other conclusions, are backed by IHS internal and external data sources.