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Jane's Open Source Intelligence Training (OSINT)

Delivered by practitioners, for practitioners

Jane’s OSINT training from IHS Markit is delivered by subject matter experts who use and update their knowledge and skills every day, allowing them to pass on the most up-to-date methods and techniques to trainees. The courses are both theoretically and practically valuable, allowing trainees to go back to their desks and have an immediate impact within their organisations.

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Practical, interactive and hands on

Jane’s OSINT Training gives you the tools to exploit open source information and deliver meaningful, actionable intelligence – on time, every time. All our training courses are designed in such a way that minimise direct lecturing from the trainers, allowing them to maximise and blend trainer-led instruction within group, individual and classroom size exercises and practical case studies.

Jane’s Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Masterclass

This three day course provides participants with an understanding of the uses, limitations, opportunities and risks associated with the use of open source information, by demonstrating a tried and tested approach to gathering and analysing relevant and useful information. The Masterclass equips analysts and researchers with a structured OSINT workflow and the necessary practical skills to efficiently collect, monitor, collate, and analyse open source information – enabling them to produce high quality OSINT reports and briefings.

Open Registration Training Schedule 2018

  • 23-25 October, London
  • 24-26 October, Canberra
  • 30 October – 1 November, Hong Kong
  • 14-16 November, Singapore
  • 19-21 November, Tokyo
  • 28-30 November, London

After attending the OSINT Masterclass you will be able to:

  • Adopt a planned approach to conducting OSINT to ensure your outputs address the specific needs of your intended audience
  • Make the most of open source information research tools to locate, filter, and collect information and data more efficiently and effectively
  • Assess open source information for reliability, accuracy and potential biases
  • Search social media platforms and use appropriate social media tools for monitoring and analysing open source information
  • Derive meaning from disparate pieces of information, while mitigating the potential effect of common analytical pitfalls
  • Craft effective OSINT reports and briefings

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