3D CAD Industry Standards

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National Aerospace Standards

Aerospace Industries Association

Ensure quality, reliability, safety, and compliance by using AIA's NAS 3D CAD models from IHS Markit and CADENAS PARTsolutions.

In a world of intensifying pressures on engineering teams to work faster and smarter, many recognize the efficiency and consistency that comes from the digital interoperability of adopting industry standard 3D CAD wherever possible. An estimated 45% of a design engineer's time is spent searching or recreating CAD models of parts for designs; an inefficiency that engineering teams cannot afford.

Why purchase a subscription to the AIA NAS 3D Model Library?
  • Save engineering time and reduce re-work
  • Shorten design & engineering cycles by using 3D CAD standards
  • Never introduce inaccurate AIA NAS CAD models again
  • Bolster compliance with always up-to-date models in accordance with the AIA NAS part standards
  • CAD models available in multiple native formats across the organization

Learn more about 3D CAD industry standards by viewing the video below.

Users can now configure 855 part families from the AIA NAS Parts Library to meet exact specifications and download a CAD model of the configured part in 150+ CAD formats. In addition, the models are updated as soon as NAS standards are released to ensure users have access to the most recent CAD models of the standard. Therefore, organizations can ensure users have access to the most accurate, high-fidelity CAD models instead of downloading models from unverified and often inaccurate sources or creating and managing models themselves.

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