Get all three installments of the COVID-19 Recover Series: The OEM Landscape, Supplier Strategy Reset and Automotive Retail.

IHS Markit is announcing a thought leadership series focused on COVID-19 and its aftermath. Specifically, IHS Markit will publish three unique insight pieces providing research and perspectives into how the US new and used vehicle ecosystems have already evolved from their pre-COVID-19 days, and, more importantly, what the more settled post-COVID-19 world, when it does arrive, will look like. These papers will be valuable resources with which to navigate a path to a "new normal" in such unique times.

COVID-19 Recovery Series Schedule

  • August 2020: The OEM Landscape – Focus on US
    This issue will address brands and how they have evolved, changes in product plans due to the virus (including AV and EV programs), the use of incentives, the relationships between brands and their captive finance sources, and manufacturers' strategies for retaining current owners and conquesting new households.

  • October 2020: Supplier Strategy Reset
    This edition will look at the supplier community in both the short term, including restarting production lines and addressing liquidity issues (no production for two months), and the longer term, re-evaluating future research and development as well as capital expenditure decisions in an environment more fluid than that found pre-COVID-19. For example, suppliers will need to alter their focus of precious resources towards electrification innovation. IHS Markit forecasts a greater focus on hybrid technology (all electrification less battery-electric offerings), rising to 18.9% of NA production volume by 2025 - up one point from pre-COVID-19 forecasts. This reflects an expected focus on hybrid technologies (away from battery electric vehicle [BEV]) and forces suppliers to align their plans in a fluid environment.

  • October 2020: Automotive Retail
    This installment addresses the impact of the pandemic on consumer behavior and how mobility shifts have influenced dealer standards and capacity, dealer profitability models, OEM changing views on legislation, and the role of dealers in the future. Research and insights into these accelerating trends will highlight the alterations automotive manufacturers and dealers must make in the short term to survive these trying times, as well as the longer-term strategies to enact to ensure prosperity going forward.

The fourth installment of the COVID-19 Recovery Series will not be published. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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