Possible game-shifting elections are unfolding worldwide this year.

Governments are struggling with the push and pull between pro-growth and protectionist populism. Spurred by weak economic growth and increased unrest, we are living and doing business in an environment of extreme volatility.

What's unfolding across Europe?

The 8 June UK electorate vote negates May’s mandate in negotiations over the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union. It also determines the evolution of multiple other policy issues central to the UK operational environment and across a range of sectors and risks over the one- to five-year outlook.

In France, Macron has fundamentally altered the French political landscape in less than six months. Since his election as president, shrewd political maneuvering has enabled him to rally moderates around his fledgling party.

With elections still to come in Germany, our Economics and Country Risk experts help you understand how changes in policy and power fuel your strategy and growth plans.

Download our latest coverage of the election high-season roller coaster. Topics covered include:

  • Possible consequences for the future of the European Union 
  • Sectoral winners and losers: Which industries benefit the most from the European recovery and which will fall behind?
  • Which industries are most exposed to the prevailing risks?

Want to learn even more about our global coverage? Download our white paper Geopolitics in 2027? The next big shift and how we might get there

To see how the IHS Markit economics and country risk team works with you to provide a 360-degree perspective for your business decisions, watch this video.

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