Cloud and edge analytics: Accelerating IoT in manufacturing

How is IoT transforming manufacturing?

IoT, the cloud and Big Data analytics lay at the heart of the phenomenon known as smart manufacturing. And together, these technologies are forecast to affect all aspects of manufacturing, including product and plant design, operation and maintenance, and supply chain management.

As traditional manufacturing solutions start giving way to smart IoT processes and networks, major shifts are under way, taking place in the vast interplay of connected things forming the IoT, in the computational model of the cloud and in the murky waters inhabited by unending streams of Big Data. Welcome to decentralized intelligence and the use of IoT analytics at the edge.

This whitepaper provides a detailed view into the use of edge analytics, the cloud, real world use cases, and the benefits and challenges of smart manufacturing:

  • Why edge analytics?
  • Smart manufacturing: Real-world use cases
  • Questions on cloud technology remain
  • The cloud and data analytics

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