A unique combination of industry leader surveys and deep market intelligence

As the convergence of transformative technologies accelerates change, formerly separate industries are intersecting in unprecedented ways, presenting new opportunities, challenges and business requirements. However, the pace of change is uneven. Some technologies are poised to create a bigger, faster impact than others, and some industries are better positioned to adopt and adapt to new technologies than others. IHS Markit is addressing the need to understand the readiness and impact of technologies across major global industries with the new executive briefing, Digital Orbit.

Digital Orbit offers actionable, strategic, and unique insights into the readiness and impact of transformative technologies across key industries by infusing survey results from industry influencers with IHS Markit's cross-vertical, domain expertise. Currently, industries tracked include Automotive, Consumer, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Telecom. Transformative technologies tracked are 5G, AI, cloud, IoT, video everywhere and blockchain.

Digital Orbit empowers clients to:

  • Quickly understand new technologies and their potential value
  • Optimize the timing of technology investment decisions
  • Anticipate implementation challenges and integrate solutions
  • Get early insight into market disruption
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