thinkFolio case study: Park Square Capital

Find out about the benefits experienced by Park Square Capital, one of Europe’s leading independent credit providers, since implementing the thinkFolio investment management platform as part of an end-to-end loans solution from IHS Markit.

This case study explains:

  • How thinkFolio is being used in conjunction with other IHS Markit products to manage the complete loans lifecycle at Park Square Capital
  • Why Park Square Capital chose thinkFolio to support real-time positions, trading, pre- and post-trade compliance and exposure checks, as well as providing audit history
  • How thinkFolio is being used to address instrument-level complexities associated with loans, such as pay downs, cash flow schedules and variability around settlement
  • The operational efficiencies and other benefits Park Square Capital have experienced since going live

thinkFolio case study: Park Square Capital

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