thinkFolio Case Study

Find out how Park Square Capital has automated the loans lifecycle using an end-to-end solution from IHS Markit

Park Square Capital, one of Europe’s leading independent credit providers, has put technology at the center of its plans to implement new investment strategies and double its assets under management (AUM) over the past 10 years. In order to realize its ambitious growth targets, Park Square Capital chose to implement the thinkFolio investment management platform as part of an end-to-end loans solution from IHS Markit.

Find out how Park Square Capital is using thinkFolio to:

  • Scale front-office operations and automate the loans lifecycle, as part of an end-to-end solution from IHS Markit
  • Accommodate complex requirements, including cross-currency revolvers, total return swaps and complicated matrix and compliance rules
  • Capture trading information and test it against compliance rules
  • Perform asset and portfolio analytics
  • Integrate with other systems
Download the case study to learn more. Alternatively, you can read more about thinkFolio.

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