UK film industry favours high and low budget films as Netflix steps up local production

The film industry mantra has always been ‘in times of crisis, the middle gets squeezed’ and this seems as true now as ever

The quality of the content shown in cinema screens is dependent on the health of the film production sector where it originates.

IHS Markit has carried out an analysis of budget trends in British films in order to assess the factors that have influenced those trends, including the financial crisis. Financiers and distributors deem British films and co-productions costing £2-5 million to be too risky. Films in a band of £5 million or more meanwhile have been on the rise.

Whilst the film industry is in a state of flux, Netflix has not only stepped up original productions, but also productions outside the US in an increasing array of languages.

View these insights to discover how financial trends are impacting the UK Film industry and Netflix’s expansion into foreign language productions.

The UK film industry evolves and Netflix steps up local production

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