Mexico: Security situation deteriorates

Mexico’s security situation continues to deteriorate with rapid rise of drug related violence.

Companies that operate in Mexico face diverse security-related risks, ranging from extortion and cargo theft to kidnapping and death and injury risks associated with employees working and living in areas immersed in drug-cartel turf wars.

The new IHS Markit Violent Crime Monitor Report aggregates key violent crime indicators for Mexico’s security environment from across official sources, local media and social media, and our team of local human sources. Effectively differentiate relative risk of violent crime in Mexico:

  • Diversification of organized crime revenue streams and the rise in cargo theft risk
  • Crime hotspots are fluid and vary in severity due to battles between security forces and cartels
  • Detailed crime spotlight on Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua

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Our Mexico Violent Crime Monitor Report is part of IHS Markit crime risk enhancement for LATAM markets.

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Mexico Violent Crime Monitor Report

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