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How are you managing supply chain risk? Learn more about our Electronic Parts Management Solutions

IHS Markit Electronic Parts Management solutions offer you the unique capability to master the innovation cycle, keep ahead of obsolescence, and reduce supply chain risks, driven by the world's largest electronic component database. The breadth and depth of information and solutions available within the IHS Parts suite, surpasses capabilities of any other competitor in this space. 

Why IHS Markit? Here are some key features of our Electronic Parts Management solutions:

World’s largest and most comprehensive electronic components database:

  • 500M+ electronic components, 131 technical attributes
  • Industry-leading historical content (since 1960)

Proven expertise in:

  • Proactively managing electronic component obsolescence
  • Identifying at-risk components
  • Avoiding shortages of critical components
  • Complying with global environmental regulations

Leverage parts management solutions to:

  • Accelerate engineering productivity
  • Ensure continuity of production
  • Reduce the risks threatening your electronic component supply chain

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