Corporate Emissions Solution

Identify, track, and benchmark greenhouse gas emissions across value chains and portfolios

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Reducing GHG emissions is one the biggest global challenges today. Emissions-related data is one of the key metrics through which companies communicate their climate targets and track their progress towards climate goals. It is also one of the major factors that will influence access to capital in the future.

Emissions-related datasets are large, complex, incomplete, unreliable, and inaccurate. While few companies disclose a variety of emissions measurements and metrics, there is no standardization of data, thus making it infeasible to compare data, benchmark companies, sectors, and portfolios of assets.

IHS Markit's Corporate Emissions Solution provides standardized data and analytics on greenhouse gas emissions across the energy value chain and industrial sectors to assess climate risks, evaluate investment decisions, and meet reporting requirements, in line with global climate and sustainability policies and regulations.

Our end-to-end data ecosystem features rest APIs and robust data models that provide analytics on GHG emissions at the regional, sector, corporate and asset-level to support businesses in their decarbonization efforts and climate risk assessments by:

  • Creating transparency into emissions sources and sinks across the value chain
  • Identifying the emissions impact from portfolio and investment decisions
  • Benchmarking corporate emissions data and quantifying drivers
  • Tracking corporate progression of emissions toward net zero targets
  • Providing reporting and compliance-ready data (complete, consistent, transparent and accurate)

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