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Enable predictable and profitable strategic, operational, and tactical sourcing decisions.

Specifically designed to support the identification of risks and opportunities in both current partners and potential locations, our strategic sourcing solution provides retailers and manufacturers with a custom index that aggregates data and risk scores specific to your exposures.

The breadth and variety of our proprietary datasets and analysis will enable sourcing professionals to evaluate the regional risks and economic landscapes within their strategic sourcing plan, including:

  • Understand the stability and reliability of your current strategic sourcing partner countries
  • What are the odds of disruption? What are the greatest areas of risk? How are risks evolving over time?
  • Discover new strategic sourcing partner countries
  • Where do economic, demographic, and risk conditions align? What origin markets already support a product or segment? What origin markets produce adjacent products or segments?
  • Set diversification rules around your sourcing strategy
  • Is your current strategy resilient to local, regional, and global events? Are there hidden or underlying risks that exist across your current strategy that weaken your diversification?

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