Oil Terminal Analytics tool

Understand Global Oil and Liquids Storage Terminal Capacity in a time of need

Key Features:

The launch of Oil Terminal Analytics is perfectly timed to address questions of storage and infrastructure adjacencies in global oil and liquids markets at a time of unprecedented shifts in supply and demand, driving dislocation of oil and liquids barrels.

  • Understand liquid storage capacities for crude oil, refined products, NGLs & LPG on a facility basis worldwide
  • Monitor liquid storage portfolios for any company, country or region worldwide
  • Track storage capacity tied to refineries or global oil hubs
  • Identify most competitive terminals based on capacity, flexibility and access/connections

This new offering is derived from IHS Markit Energy Infrastructure and Markets Database- Midstream Essentials. The Oil Terminal Analytics tool is built upon a comprehensive global oil and LPG/NGL terminal and storage database which is updated continuously by a team of analysts around the world.

Watch Video Demo:

This video demonstrates 8 Power BI based analytics dashboards available within the Oil Terminal Analytics tool:

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