Data Discovery, Analysis and Export

Jane's Data Analytics Explorer leverages structured data and visualisation software to provide a tool box of applications to support your day to day tasks. Underpinned by Jane's verified and validated open source equipment, security and defence industry data, Jane's Data Analytics enables you to rapidly and accurately identify, assess and present the relationships between entities that drive global security threats and opportunities.

Choose Jane's Data Analytics for:

  • Faster data discovery
  • Efficient data analysis
  • Flexible data support
  • Enhanced understanding through structured, linked data
  • A series of tableau workbooks and explorers which bring clarity to large, complex data sets
Video - Military Aircraft ComparisonJane’s Data Analytics brochureEntity Recognition using Jane’s Explorers

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Video - Military Aircraft ComparisonWebinar – Using structured data to enhance the speed and accuracy of intelligenceInteractive Presentation – Gain a 360° view using Jane’s Data Analytics
Jane’s Data Analytics brochureEntity Recognition using Jane’s Explorers

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