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Jane’s offers the only single resource for comprehensive, unclassified and up-to-date intelligence on military equipment (air, sea, land and space) in production and use around the globe. By structuring and connecting this data to the inventories for 190 countries, ORBATs for 17,700 military units and 8,900 bases, Jane’s is uniquely positioned to provide you with timely, accurate, validated intelligence to support entity recognition, capability assessment and market analysis. Here are just a few examples of the information you can extract and how quickly you can extract it.

  • Understand the platform distribution of a specific missile in 3 clicks
  • Identify unknown platforms and their base locations in 5 steps
  • Understand whether a company produces more air-based or surface-based missiles in 4 clicks
  • Understand the equipment a company is involved in the production of and where it is in service in 4 clicks

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Watch the demonstration to see how Jane’s enables you to identify an unknown platform

Video - Platform Recognition

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Connected data that reveals relationships

To support entity recognition, threat assessment and market analysis, Jane’s has linked military equipment, manufacturers, order of battle and infrastructure data into a single relational database. Data analytics enable you to access and connect this structured data quickly and efficiently.

Revealing connections between entities and saving hours of trawling through unstructured text to extract the insight you need.

  • Comparison tools
  • Equipment explorers
  • Inventory explorers
  • Military unit explorers
  • Terrorism and insurgency group profiles, trends and regional reports
  • Defense market profiles, competitive intelligence, budget and market analysis

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