A new approach to Mobile & Telecom intelligence and testing. A critical insight to better investing.

It can be challenging to keep up with the speed with which the Mobile & Telecom industry is evolving.

From escalating infrastructure investment in fiber rollouts, network densification & efficiency improvements to 5G rollouts, technological innovation and transformational M&A activity the industry is going through a period of unprecedented change. And it can be hard for you and the investor community to stay ahead of this dynamic market evolution.

IHS Markit Technology offers a new approach to Mobile & Telecom intelligence and testing, providing real time answers to key industry questions, including:

  • Which operators have recently purchased spectrum that may affect performance? Are they using it effectively?
  • Which companies are best placed to capitalize on transformative technologies, emerging markets, consumer trending?
  • Who is gaining subscribers from competitors or expanding their network for great market traction. Who are the winners - the losers?

IHS Markit Technology provides you with the 'truth about networks' - real-world Network Performance Data and meaningful metrics to inform investment decisions with an industry leading 360-degree view into the issues impacting operator performance and projection worldwide.

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