Future of investing in Asia Pacific

Portfolio evolution and growing private market interests

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Future of Private Market Asset Investing in Asia Pacific

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Asia Pacific (APAC) investing appetites are expanding in the chase for yield, and in the wake of recent market volatility.

To quantify expansion of interests into private markets, IHS Markit and Risk.net conducted a joint survey with APAC buyside participants in key markets including Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Japan.

The survey showed interesting commonalities and differences in strategies, interests and challenges depending on geography and firm type.

Register to read the whitepaper "Future of Private Market Asset Investing in Asia Pacific" for survey results and analysis by IHS Markit experts. Find out what regional investors need to generate alpha in alternatives.

The whitepaper covers:

  • APAC private market trends
  • Common interests and differences in strategies between geographies and firm types
  • Private markets exposure and most sought-after instruments
  • Drivers for changing appetites including COVID-19, ESG, market volatility and more
  • Requirements and shortcomings in terms of sourcing and managing data
  • The significance of automation and digitization in managing expanding portfolios

For broader APAC portfolio evolution and implications, aside from increased interest in private markets , watch our three-part video series "Chasing Yield in Asia Pacific":

Part I: Trends in Portfolio Evolution

Part II: Translating Data to Smart Investing

Part III: The Risky Business of Evolving Portfolios

Find out about three underlying portfolio changes that are here to stay.

Understand how data requirements will only get more complex as portfolios broaden.

More complex portfolios means more complex risk exposures. Understand considerations for scalable risk management.

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