Smartphone app integration into automotive set to dominate market by 2023

The average driver today is an avid smartphone app user, and most want to use some, or all, of these apps in the car. However, most consumers find using their smartphone in their car while driving distracting; 82% of new car buyers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and China told IHS Markit this in its Connected Car consumer survey.

Automakers are embracing app integration by implementing various in-vehicle platforms that allow users to use familiar music, messaging, and navigation software solutions often found in the mobile space.

This IHS Markit whitepaper provides an expert view into advancements in a key sector of HMI in automotive, looking at the major smartphone manufacturers current and future plans for automotive integration. The whitepaper also features an extract from the IHS Markit app integration platform sales forecast.

The future of smartphone integration in cars

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