Insect Pheromones Market 2022

Insect Pheromones Market 2022

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Research, data and analysis on today's insect pheromone market and future tendencies

The phasing out and bans on insecticides in different regions will continue to drive the growth of an agriculture pheromones market. The consolidation of the biocontrol industry is continuing in general, and companies in the pheromone sector will be more prone to consolidate and merge in the next few years. Strong growth in the area of agriculture automation platforms with pheromone application components (SemiosBio) is underway and multinationals will continue investing into pheromones to ensure industrial diversification, and benefit from the trend favoring sustainable agriculture.

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Insect Pheromone Market Drivers:

  • Rise in acceptance of sustainable agricultural practices: Farm to Fork Strategy
  • Pest resistance concerns to conventional insecticides
  • Targeted action, not harming beneficial insects: 40% of all insects are declining, banning, and phasing out of broad-spectrum insecticides
  • Improvement in production and application methods

Market Resistors:

  • High cost of pheromones products in comparison with conventional insecticides High maintenance costs
  • Pheromone products use require skilled labor
  • Specific action of pheromones can serve as a disadvantage compared with broad spectrum insecticides

Main report components:

  • Insect Pest Management; Semiochemicals; Pheromone Discovery
  • Pheromones in IPM Monitoring; Pheromones in IPM Mass Trapping; Pheromones in IPM Mating Disruption; The regulatory situation
  • Market, Pheromone Market vs CP Market; Market by Crop; by Product Type and by Function, Main Pest Targets; Market Drivers and Market Resistors, Main AI producers, Industry Organizations, Future tendencies
  • R&D in Precision Technology; Innovation in Pheromone Production; Innovation in Pheromone Application; EU funded Projects; Startups Venture Rounds; Startups Profiles; Investment by Multinationals, Investment by Pheromone and Biologicals Companies
  • 43 Company Profiles

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