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2022 Automotive Calendar

Thought Leadership Events

We host annual International Executive Briefings (IEB) in the Asia Pacific, namely in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, New Delhi, Seoul, or other major cities as appropriate, the format of which may be online, hybrid, or offline. The program usually extends over a full day, with some having breakout sessions in the afternoon. We welcome international participation from transportation, energy/ natural resources, technology, and financial communities. Gate fees usually apply. You are welcome to provide feedback, inquire on collaboration opportunities on speaking, research, and/ or joint promotional activity, also engage with our thought leaders for topical discussion, or simply submit questions you would like us to cover during IEB.

Date Description Title Gate Fees Remark | Action

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IEB China 2022 will be postponed. The event will be held on another date within the year.

An annual event held in conjunction with the China Auto Show; this year’s theme of discussion: “Building Foresight & Resilience in Our Automotive Future  .”  A full-day briefing with an exclusive cocktail function at the end of program, conducted both in person and online.

Language: Chinese.

2022 China Automotive Industry Executive Briefing (IEB China)

2022中国汽车行业高管研讨会(IEB China)

USD250 [before 1 April] | normal price USD300
USD200 [for more than 5 registrants]

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30-Mar-2022 An annual update for clients only. 2022 Automotive Spring Briefing


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20-Sep-2022 [Onsite] Hanover, Germany – in conjunction with Truck IAA

22-Sep-2022 [Onsite] Detroit, MI, United States

26-Sep-2022 [Onsite] Seoul, South Korea

29-Sep-2022 [Hybrid] Tokyo, Japan

17-Oct-2022 [Onsite] Paris, France – During Paris Mobility Week

18-Oct-2022 [Online] China

Client briefing series to be held in Detroit, Paris, Germany, Seoul and Tokyo in person, also virtually in China. The theme: “Can the Automotive Industry Rely on a Countercyclical Recovery in the Next Years?” 2022 Auto Fall Briefing For clients only

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15-Nov-2022 [Onsite]

22-Nov-2022 [Online]

8th Automotive Technology International Executive Briefing [IEB AutoTech 2022] is an information exchange platform where key industry players: government agencies, local municipalities, manufacturers, suppliers, and automotive thought leaders convene to review policies, business models, and strategies, and at the same time, forge new partnerships. IEB AutoTech 2022: Redefining Mobility Future - Net-Zero | Electrification | Supply Chain
USD350 [before 15 October] | normal price USD450

USD250 [before 2 November] | normal price USD350

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Solutions & Forecast Webinar Series

The value-added webinar program is designed to foster communication and learning with our partners and customers in the automotive and adjacent industries. Some events will be hosted jointly with our local partners, and although most sessions will be complimentary to our customers, gate fees may apply in certain webinars. The program will be delivered in 4 languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese and within the working hours of our community in the Asia Pacific and Europe. You need to just register once to attend multiple sessions of your choice and if you are unable to participate in the live program, you will be provided a link to access the on-demand recording at your convenience 48-hours post the live event. The duration for each webinar session is 60-80 minutes.

You are welcome to provide feedback, inquire on collaboration opportunities- on speaking and/ or promotional activity, engage with our analysts for content discussion, or submit questions or topics you would like us to cover during the live sessions. Contact us:

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Solutions Webinar - English

Webinar Time: 14:30 IST | 17:00 SGT, CST | 18:00 JST, KST | 09:00 GMT | 19:00 AEST | 04:00 EST

Live and on-demand closed captioning in either Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian and Spanish language is available

Live Session Date Webinar Title Gate Fees (USD) Find out more/Register
08-Mar-2022 Supply Chain Crisis Update: Semiconductor Focus $0 RegisterMore Info
05-Apr-2022 Global EV Charging Outlook 2022 $0 RegisterMore Info
12-Apr-2022 Europe MHCV Forecast Update $0 RegisterMore Info
10-May-2022 India & South East Asian Powertrain Production Outlook $0 RegisterMore Info
13-May-2022 CO2 Compliance and Sustainability for Global Automotive Market $0 RegisterMore Info
24-May-2022 Automated Driving in India: Market Dynamics, Recent Developments and Outlook $0 RegisterMore Info
31-May-2022 Connected Car Data and OTA Strategies $0 RegisterMore Info
9-Jun-2022 Global Technology Giants' Entry into Automotive Landscape- Impacts on Traditional OEMs $0 RegisterMore Info
14-Jun-2022 Europe and China Powertrain & Electrification Production Outlook $0 RegisterMore Info
22-Jun-2022 MHCV Electrification Landscape- APAC $0 RegisterMore Info
28-Jun-2022 2022-2023 Global Aftermarket Trends $0 RegisterMore Info
26-Jul-2022 India MHCV Outlook - Is the Future Truly Electrifying? $0 RegisterMore Info
18-Aug-2022 Domain Controllers for Autonomy and the Digital Cockpit $0 RegisterMore Info
23-Aug-2022 Supply Chain Crisis Update 2 - Regional Impact $0 RegisterMore Info
06-Sep-2022 Global Battery Raw Material Demand for EVs $0 RegisterMore Info
20-Sep-2022 Global Market Compliance Outlook $0 RegisterMore Info
18-Oct-2022 Evolution of New EE Architecture $0 RegisterMore Info
01-Nov-2022 The Automotive Supply Chain Landscape for Fuel Cell EVs $0 RegisterMore Info
22-Nov-2022 Global Update on Vehicle Miles Travelled $0 RegisterMore Info
13-Dec-2022 Scope 3 Emission Forecast on Sectoral Decarbonizations $0 RegisterMore Info

Solutions Webinar - Japanese

Webinar Starting Time: 10:00 JST

Live Session Date Webinar Title Gate Fees (USD) Find out more/Register

ADAS & Autonomous Driving System Global Trends and Outlook

ADAS & 自動運転システム:グローバルトレンドと展望

$0 RegisterMore Info

Biden Administration & Regulations: Impact on Automotive Industry


$0 RegisterMore Info

Evolution of the role of automakers and suppliers in electric motor and future technology developments


(Special JSAE Yokohama Program)

$0 RegisterMore Info

2022 Global Automotive Production Market Outlook - Analysis of the semiconductor supply-demand and the impact of Ukraine situation

2022年世界自動車生産市場の展望 ―半導体需給逼迫の本質とウクライナ情勢の影響分析

(Special JSAE Yokohama Program)

$0 RegisterMore Info

Domain Controllers for Automated Driving and the Digital Cockpit: Value propositions & Challenges


$0 RegisterMore Info

Global Connected Service Trends

$0 RegisterMore Info

The Automotive Supply Chain Landscape for Fuel Cell EVs


$0 RegisterMore Info

Acceleration of Electrification in China Automotive Market


$0 RegisterMore Info

Solutions Webinar - Chinese

Webinar Starting Time:15:00 CST

Live Session Date Webinar Title Gate Fees (USD) Find out more/Register

Greater China’s VIO outlook to 2030


$0 RegisterMore Info

China MHCV Market Overview and Outlook


$0 RegisterMore Info

Review of Electronic Architecture and Development Trend of Autonomy Vehicle


$0 RegisterMore Info

Insights on China OEM Market Entries into Europe


$0 RegisterMore Info

Consolidation Trends for the Digital Cockpit


$0 RegisterMore Info

Connected Vehicle Data Monetization in Mainland China


$0 RegisterMore Info

Battery/Raw Material Demand for EVs



Margin is King in EVs: Connected Data New Revenue Opportunities


$0 RegisterMore Info

Evolution of New EE Architecture


$0 RegisterMore Info

The Automotive Supply Chain Landscape for Fuel Cell EVs


$0 RegisterMore Info

Mainland China Passenger Vehicle xEV Production Outlook


$0 RegisterMore Info

Automated Driving Market Analysis on Passenger Vehicle


$0 RegisterMore Info

Solutions Webinar - Korean

Webinar Starting Time:10:00 KST

Live Session Date Webinar Title Gate Fees (USD) Find out more/Register

Autonomy and Automation: Global Trends, Local Impact

자율주행 및 자동화: 글로벌 동향, 현지에 미치는 영향

$0 RegisterMore Info

Light Vehicle Global Powertrain Trend Overview

Light Vehicle 글로벌 파워트레인 동향

$0 RegisterMore Info

Battery Raw Material Demand for EVs

전기차용 배터리 원자재 수요

$0 RegisterMore Info

Global Connected Service Trends

글로벌 커넥티드 서비스 트렌드

$0 RegisterMore Info

APAC Forecast Webinar Series

Webinar Starting Time: 13:30 IST | 16:00 SGT, CST | 17:00 JST, KST | 14:00 AEST | 08:00 GMT | 03:00 EST

* The LIVE forecast webinar series is open to IHS Markit Automotive Forecast clients only. If you are an existing client, please reach out to either your Account Manager or email for the direct registration link. For non-clients, you may submit a request to watch the on-demand sessions. Your request will be reviewed and once approved, you will receive the on-demand broadcast link.

Live Session Date Webinar Title Language Gate Fees (USD) Find out more/Register

Automotive industry development in the post COVID-19 Era (amid supply shortage)




$0 RegisterMore Info

China Light Vehicle Sales Outlook




$0 RegisterMore Info

South Korea Light Vehicle Production Analysis

한국 light vehicle 생산 분석



$0 RegisterMore Info

2022-2023 ASEAN  Automotive Market & Production Outlook

English $0 RegisterMore Info

China Light Vehicle Production Outlook




$0 RegisterMore Info
8-Aug-2022 2022-2023 Oceania:  Australia & New Zealand Automotive Market Outlook English $0 RegisterMore Info
19-Sep-2022 2022-2023 India Light Vehicle Production Outlook English $0 RegisterMore Info

2022-2023 South Korea Light Vehicle Industry Outlook -Sales & Production

2022-2023 한국 light vehicle 산업 전망: 판매 및 생산



$0 RegisterMore Info

Japan Automotive Industry in the Post COVID-19 Era Toward 2030 -2

2030年を見据えたポストコロナ時代における日本の自動車産業 (2)



$0 RegisterMore Info

2022-2023 China Light Vehicle Sales Outlook




$0 RegisterMore Info

2023 India Light Vehicle Sales Outlook

English $0 RegisterMore Info

Third Party/ Partner Events

Date Organizer Event Name Our Participating Analyst Country/Region
21 Jan 2022 Society of India Automotive Manufacturers 16th Looking Ahead Conclave Mark Fulthorpe India
9-11 Feb 2022 SEMICON Korea SEMCON Korea 2022 Market Trends Forum Jeremie Bouchaud Korea
28 Feb 2022 Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Japan Conference for Manufacturers Masatoshi Nishimoto Japan
25 Mar 2022 MIH Alliance MIH Partner Gathering Jeremie Bouchaud China
25 May 2022 Seminar Hub Battery Seminar: Waste battery recycling/core material technology issues/next-generation batteries Dr. Richard Kim Korea
15 Jul 2022 JW Insights 2022 JIWEI SEMICONDUCTOR SUMMIT - Analyst Day Jessie Zhang, Lyon Zhang China
2 Aug 2022 Enmore The 9th Global NEV Thermal Management Industry Summit & Exhibition Jie Yang China
17 Aug 2022 SEATIC (4th) International Door System Innovation Technology Summit and Door and Accessories Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Development Forum Lydia Wang China
25 Aug 2022 Polaris 4th China Automotive Seating Summit & Exhibition Laura Wei China
30 Aug 2022 Autoroad 2022 Radar in Future Global Summit - Radar and Automotive Electronics Sub-Forum Owen Chen China
6 Sep 2022 Aibang 2022 2nd Lidar Innovation Technology and Industry Chain Summit Forum Owen Chen China
14 Sep 2022 ATC ATC Commercial Vechcle Tech Week Min Ji China
27 Sep 2022 iCVS China Intelligent Connected Vehicle Show And Automatic Diving Expo- Autonomous driving commercialization landing Conference Owen Chen China
27 Sep 2022 Hyve CWIEME Shanghai Forum Jie Yang China
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