Evolution of Autonomous Vehicle Use Cases

January 2020

[The following is an excerpt from the whitepaper]

Future use of autonomous vehicles (AVs) continues to be a hot topic in the automotive and transportation industries. However, optimism of near-term mass deployment has been replaced by the reality that autonomous vehicles are much harder than the vision that was common in 2017-18. Autonomous vehicle technology, especially the application software that replaces human drivers, is extremely difficult to develop and test. Hence, the industry now focuses on simple autonomous vehicle deployment use cases.

Transportation segment characteristics
Autonomous vehicle deployment is now focused on developing autonomous vehicle software for the easiest transportation use cases. It is important to distinguish people transport from goods transport because they have many different use cases. People transport is task- and trip-centric, such as commuting and shopping. People transport is also divided into personal vehicles and mass transit vehicles or public transit. Goods transport is supply chain-, logistics-, and delivery-centric.

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