A monthly 30-minute live IHS Markit call focused on automotive disruption, innovation, and the strategic implications.

Jump start your month with these 30 minute executive calls with IHS Markit automotive advisory experts. Held on the second Tuesday of each month, we will provide you with 20 minutes of insight on timely topics, followed by open Q&A. Call in on your way to work or listen over VOIP while you drink your coffee. These insights will give you our unique perspective on a host of industry-critical topics and fuel your week.

  • Episode 4: The Role of Electrification in the Commercial Vehicle Space and the Impact on Passenger Vehicles
    14 May 2019
    The commercial vehicle market is beginning to embrace alternative powertrain technologies. In this episode we will explore the viability of these technologies, the likelihood of adoption, and the pathway forward for these alternative powertrains. Additionally, we will explore how the decisions from an industry that is focused heavily on cost-benefit impacts the likely adoption trend in the passenger vehicle industry.

  • Episode 3: Are We Ready for the Powertrain of the Future?
    9 April 2019
    By now, everyone has heard the noble truth about the future of powertrain development around the globe: “This is the last generation of ICEs ever to be built!” While the shift to electric vehicles may be inevitable, the journey to make them a reality is going to be very complex and time consuming. Is there enough capacity to build the battery packs required? Will oil producing countries give up producing a critical natural resource to protect the health of the planet? Will the technology advance quickly enough to enable faster charging and greater range necessary to get customers to choose electrons over oil?

  • Episode 2: Volume Instability - A Roadmap for Suppliers
    12 March 2019
    Our industry is facing an unprecedented number of secular and cyclical drivers impacting vehicle production volumes. Trade actions, consumer preferences, economic uncertainty abroad, as well as shifting input prices are presenting significant headwinds. Join us as we discuss these key drivers and potential solutions suppliers utilize to better anticipate and mitigate negative impacts.

  • Episode 1: Future Mobility and the Automotive Supply Chain
    12 February 2019
    As the industry prepares to launch new MaaS platforms, the incumbent supply chain will have to adapt and/or consolidate to sustain revenue and profit. The shift is driven largely via the emerging power and headstart of mobility providers, many of which do not have direct ties to OEMs. These new players to the industry are laser-focused on the customer experience and customer data, and are seeking to commoditize the very existence of the automotive product as the industry slowly shifts over to a service model. What are traditional suppliers doing to stay relevant in this time of rapid change?

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