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IHS Markit Insights is a complimentary bi-monthly publication, which features expert analyses of the key issues shaping our global energy & natural resource, chemical and agribusiness industries.

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Technology and innovation have long been pivotal to the success of energy, chemical and agricultural companies. Today, as the industry pushes to address climate change and reduce emissions, it’s more important than ever for companies to embrace cutting-edge ideas and initiatives to solve big global problems.

In our latest ENR Insights, we look at how technology is supplying the brainpower to address complex issues. We take you inside digitalization trends, exploring how mega data sets combine with advanced analytics to tackle challenges. As the energy transition and movement toward net zero carbon emissions inspire fresh innovation, IHS Markit experts delve into new integration trends in the areas of biomass and petrochemicals. And we feature in-depth looks at how technology is shifting the landscape of upstream oil and gas, spurring changes in battery technology and shaping EV charging and energy storage grids.

Technology fundamentally impacts our daily lives – a fact driven home as mRNA vaccine breakthroughs provide a beacon of hope as the pandemic persists. Stay on top of the latest high-tech trends with ENR Insights. 

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