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IHS Markit Insights is a complimentary bi-monthly publication, which features expert analyses of the key issues shaping our global energy & natural resource, chemical and agribusiness industries.

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The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 will be remembered as one of the most impactful events in modern history. For the global energy, refining and chemical industries, plotting a path forward has never been so difficult.
In this issue of our ENR Insights Publication, we assess the unprecedented level of complexity in planning business strategies over the next 18-24 months. The assumptions around a timeline for containing COVID-19 enables assumptions to be made regarding demand recovery. As demand recovers, assessing damages to different segments of the energy-to-consumer products value-chain will enable the development of different pathways to recovery.
From significant cuts in upstream capital to re-inventing refineries in Europe and looking at variations in the demand impact for base and specialty chemicals, IHS Markit experts share their analysis and insights to support a fully integrated view of a recovery. The overarching theme running through all segments is climate change and the push to reduce emissions. Due to the impact of COVID-19, IHS Market Energy & Climate experts are expecting the largest-ever annual decline in global emissions for 2020. This forecast along with other issues are also a key topic of discussion.

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