Per Sune Koustrup

Co-founder & Trader, Nordic Green

Mr. Koustrup has more than 12 years of experience with renewable energy for transport and has worked for fuel cell companies as well as Scandinavia’s largest fuel company Circle K (former Statoil). At Cirle K he was in charge of BtB Pricing and a volume exceeding 800.000 m3/yr equal to a turnover exceeding 1 bio € or 17% of all diesel sold in Denmark. He represented Circle K in the branch organisation (DrivkraftDanmark) in the workgroups “Biofuels” and “Gas for transport” and was in national TV and newspapers regarding biofuels, OPEC crude production, consumer prices etc. He is an Industry Observer in the International Energy Agency Advanced Motor Fuels (IEA-AMF) subcommittee as an expert on alcohol fuels. Nordic Green is one of only two companies world-wide that, to our best knowledge, has experience in trading commercial volumes of bio-methanol defined as shiploads.