Lyle Nehls

former Director of Technology, FMC Corporation’s Alkali Chemicals Division

Lyle Nehls is retired from FMC Corporation where he worked for 39 years. He joined FMC in 1975 and in his early career served as Planning Manager and Technology Director of the Phosphorus Chemicals Division and assistant to the Manufacturing Director of the Alkali Chemicals Division. In 1986, he joined the Marine Colloids Division as Sales and Marketing Director and in 1991 moved to Denmark as General Manager of MCD’s European Region. He returned to the USA in 1994 as Technology Director for the Alkali Chemicals Division where he played key roles in the purchase of Tg Soda Ash and the early establishment of commercial solution mining, both at the new ELDM plant and later at Granger. In this role he led teams to evaluate potential investments for FMC in natural soda ash opportunities in the USA, China and Turkey. In 2006, he joined FMC BioPolymer as Asia Director of Development stationed in Shanghai, China and after returning to the USA in 2009 served as commercial manager for FMC BioPolymer’s pectin business and as general manager for NovaMatrix, a natural materials biomedical business. He retired in 2014.

Lyle holds a BS in Engineering and Applied Science from Yale University and an MBA from Stanford University.