Laurent Wolters

Central Purchasing Manager, Head of Batch Materials, Knauf Insulation

Laurent is graduated in foreign trade, certified in corporate finance (HECParis) and in purchasing management (Vlerick).

He completed outsourcing and supply chain optimization projects within Mölnlycke Health Care massively cutting cost and increasing customer satisfaction.

In December 2013, he joined Huntsman Corporation where he led the Pigments & Additives purchasing centralization, completing the reorganization of EMEA plants that brought a promotion as EMEA Senior Lead-buyer.

In October 2014, Huntsman completed the acquisition of Rockwood Inc for $1.1B for which Laurent successfully led the integration that supported the $200Mio corporate savings and synergies program.

Laurent has also been looking after an operational team as well as a portfolio of specialties, commodities and utilities estimated around $60 Mio and was tactically accountable for $360 Mio purchases per annum.

Knauf Insulation recruited Laurent mid-2016 to become Central Purchasing manager, Head of batch materials and market expert with direct report to the CPO.