Christian Schweitzer

Managing Director, BSE Engineering

Christian Schweitzer was born in July 1964 in Aachen. There he completed his engineering studies at the Fachhochschule Aachen. He also received his Bachelor of Business Administration in 1999 from the St. Gallen Management Institute, Switzerland. Since 1995, Mr. Schweitzer is managing director of bse Engineering Leipzig GmbH. The bse Engineering GmbH Leipzig works across whole Europe and is an independent, consultative and customer-oriented engineering company in the field of liquid and solid biomass.

With the successful establishment of the bioethanol plant in Zeitz in Germany in 2005, he joined the biofuel industry. Since that time Mr. Schweitzer has supported and implemented many bioenergy projects throughout Europe. Furthermore, Mr. Schweitzer released different articles about BioEthanol, sugar mills and (sustainable) utilization of biomass as well as held presentations on these topics at International Bio-Energy conferences.

At the moment, Mr. Schweitzer develops the technical and economic integration of the chemical Energy storage of Methanol in the Ethanol Industry.