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MAHLE Uses Automotive Data to Succeed in the Global Aftermarket

Headquartered in Germany, this leading supplier of parts for the global automotive/engine industries serves as a knowledgeable advisor to its distributor and OES customers -- offering relevant parts in high demand geographic markets and forming plans that impact part production/distribution.

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  • Gain access to solid information to make smart business decisions – by understanding, and helping clients understand, the percentage of vehicles on the road that require a certain part


Automotive, driven by Polk – PARC/VIO data linked to TecDoc/AAIA codes


  • Maintain market leadership by serving as a knowledgeable advisor to their distributor and OES customers
  • Meet customer needs by offering relevant parts in geographic markets demanding them
  • Make informed product planning decisions impacting future part production/distribution

MAHLE Uses IHS Markit Data to Succeed in the Global Aftermarket

For more than 90 years, MAHLE has been a leading supplier to the global automotive and engine industries with an extensive product range of engine-related parts. With headquarters in Germany and a regional presence around the globe, MAHLE's aftermarket business unit serves independent repair organizations and Original Equipment Supplier (OES) customers with products for vehicle maintenance and engine repair sold under five brands.

In his role as Director, Global Product Management for MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH, Andreas Kimmerle is responsible for introducing new products, managing product lifecycles and calculating product potential for vehicle components fitting passenger cars and light trucks. To accomplish his goals and better support MAHLE's customers, Andreas knew he couldn't solely rely on anecdotal feedback from customers and sales teams regarding local market needs for specific parts. Rather, he needed credible data to make smart business decisions regarding how to best meet the needs of his customers when it came to providing appropriate replacement parts. Therefore, he turned to IHS Markit to supply PARC/Vehicles in Operation (VIO) data that could also be tied to OEM part numbers using industry standards set by TecDoc (used in Europe) and the AAIA (used in the United States).

Expanding from successful regional engagements in Germany and the United States, MAHLE's decade-long relationship with IHS Markit has evolved into a global partnership.

Credible Data from a Reliable Source: Meeting the Needs of Aftermarket Distributors

In the aftermarket, the ability to stock the right parts to meet local market demand is the name of the game. Retailers count on their distributors, and distributors depend on MAHLE's extensive industry expertise to provide guidance into which of MAHLE's more than 150,000 parts numbers available worldwide are appropriate for their market. By linking IHS Markit's PARC data to TecDoc and AAIA codes, MAHLE can understand – and help its customers understand – the percentage of vehicles on the road that require a particular part. Combining this data with information on the part's replacement rate provides solid input into current and future market potential. PARC data is available at extremely precise levels of geography, which gives MAHLE's customers actionable insights to help manage their local market inventory. In many cases, MAHLE finds that its customers also use data from IHS Markit, which ensures a common understanding of market needs.

In addition to directly supporting its customers' inventory needs, the alliance with IHS Markit influences MAHLE's product planning efforts. Through analysis of IHS Markit's PARC data in combination with TecDoc (or AAIA) data, MAHLE can identify any gaps in market coverage. Andreas and his team can then prioritize their product planning efforts based on an analysis of the gaps, the market potential and the cost of producing new parts. Having reliable and updated data to identify market needs supports MAHLE's corporate objective of producing parts on an on-demand basis. Likewise, access to the combination of IHS Markit's PARC and TecDoc/AAIA data shows MAHLE when the market potential for a particular part is declining and points to the need to adjust or stop production accordingly, minimizing the risk of parts obsolescence.

It's all about risk management. If you have the right data to make the right decisions, you optimize your investment in the right product groups.

Andreas Kimmerle,
Director of Global Product Mgm't, MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH

MAHLE is proud to have industry-leading range coverage, meaning that the organization can supply the parts it produces for a higher percentage of vehicles on the road than most other suppliers. For example, two of MAHLE's brands (MAHLE Original and Knecht) have more than 95 percent coverage for the complete filter range in 26 European countries. Strong range coverage enables MAHLE to attract and maintain customers, and data from IHS Markit is a critical input into determining MAHLE's range coverage to ensure it remains high.

Supporting OES Customers

For its OES customers, MAHLE's alliance with IHS Markit provides many of the same benefits as for MAHLE's aftermarket distributor customers in terms of making product planning decisions based on credible data and in quickly bringing the appropriate parts to market. An additional benefit to OES customers is MAHLE's ability to understand the parts needed for vehicles built on global platforms.

Armed with globally consistent data, MAHLE can easily understand where a single part will fit on multiple vehicles, eliminating the need to produce multiple, redundant parts.

Common Standard for Measuring Business Unit Performance

For the MAHLE Aftermarket business unit, IHS Markit's PARC data is a valuable tool for evaluating, analyzing and managing its global business. With IHS Markit's data as a consistent worldwide standard, MAHLE can create balanced scorecards across all of its markets to measure performance against defined targets for metrics including market share and innovation.

Supporting the Success of MAHLE and Its Customers

Andreas and his team have been pleased with the quality, global reach and consistency of the PARC/ VIO data supplied by IHS Markit over the past 10 years, which has enabled MAHLE to:

  • Maintain Market Leadership: According to Andreas, being able to provide strategic guidance to MAHLE's aftermarket distributor and OES customers is "needed to play" in the competitive aftermarket space. IHS Markit helps ensure that MAHLE can provide the strategic input its customers expect by supplying credible and globally consistent PARC data for linkage to TecDoc/AAIA codes.
  • Meet Customer Needs: By knowing which parts are needed on which vehicles and the market potential for each of its 150,000 parts, MAHLE helps its aftermarket distributor customers better manage their own local inventories, and in turn, meet the parts replacement needs of their customers.
  • Make Informed Product Planning Decisions: One of MAHLE's organizational goals is to bring parts to market on an on-demand basis, and the data from IHS Markit makes it easier to accomplish this goal and to make product planning decisions based on solid knowledge of the potential market demand for specific parts.

Figure 1: Benefits of Partnering with Automotive

It's all about risk management. If you have the right data to make the right decisions, you optimize your investment in the right product groups.

Andreas Kimmerle,
Director of Global Product Mgm't, MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH

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